Reminder that there is NO 6:30pm class tonight at CFHE, instead come out and help us celebrate the end of Barbell Club with our first CFHE Lift off!

Take 10 min to work on split jerk technique
Then 1/1/1/1 @ 80%

___ Cal Row
15 Strict HSPU
30 Single Arm DB Push Press
15 D-Ball over the Shoulder
2 Rounds

Fitness: 25 Cals
Performance: 35 Cals
Open: 35 Cals 

**Heats will be staggered by 2:30**

Save the Date:
Today- Lift Off at Crossfit Harbor East @ 6:30pm
May 11th – Chipper for a Cause at CFHE
May 27th- Memorial Day Murph!