Take 12 minutes to build to a heavy 2 Rep Front Squat 
**This should be heavier than your workout weight.**


16 min AMRAP
6 Front Squats
8 Devils Press
12 Pull ups

Fitness: 12 Front Squats (95/65)
Performance: 185/125
Open: 205/135

Athletes: Today we get heavy with the front squats.  The first 10 minute piece is a warm up.  Work to a heavy load, but do not try to break any records.  The Front Squats should be 6 hard unbroken squats for the first few rounds then they can be broken up! 


400 M Run
10 DB Burpees
10 DB Front Squats (2dbs)
10 DB Deadlifts (2 dbs)
30 Second Low Plank
4 Rounds
25 Minute cap

**Try to keep the rounds around 5 minutes and keep a close eye on the DB deadlifts.**

Second Annual Duel Gym Partner Event

We are taking over the harbor to celebrate 2 years since Crossfit Harbor East joined Crossfit Federal Hill to create one big Industry Athletics Family! On Sunday September 8th, Industry Athletics will hosting our second annual duel gym partner event.

Starting at Harbor East, teams of two will participant in the first of two partner workouts. At the conclusion of the first workout, your team will be directed to the Harbor pedestrian path for a ~2 mile run to Crossfit Federal Hill (location of partner workout #2). Along your run, you’ll find an IA coach who will instruct you on a mini challenge to complete before you can continue your run to Federal Hill!

Athletes are asked to arrive at Harbor East by 9:15am for a debrief of the event and for opening remarks. Coaches will review the workouts and provide a few minutes for athletes to warm up before the first heat begins. Heats will go off every 10-15 minutes starting at 9:30am. Registration will close Wednesday September 11th, so that we can send the Heats out prior to the event.

Workout #1: Complete a total of 6 rounds, alternating rounds

15 Power Cleans
15 Front Squats
15 Push Jerks


The second partner workout will not be announced prior to the event start.

At the conclusion of the second workout, all athletes are invited to hang out and join us for a drink at the gym. IA will provide snacks and drinks, so we can continue the celebration at Federal Hill!

Click HERE to register!


Do I need to be an Industry Athletics member to participate? Yes, this event is for Industry Athletics members only. Expections will be made if an Industry Athletics member intends to bring a friend to partner with. Friends should have Crossfit experience for this event.

If I have a bag, am I required to run with it from CFHE to CFH?
No, we will have a car on site to transport participants bags from HE to Fed. This vehicle will drive to Fed after the last athlete leaves HE.

Do I get to pick who my partner is?
Athletes can either pick their partner ahead of time and register together or they can register as an individual and have coaches pair them up.

Does my partner need to be the same gender as me?
No, pairs can be same or mixed gender.

If I parked at Harbor East, will I be provided a ride back after the second workout?
No, athletes are responsible for their own transportation. We highly recommend carpooling, scootering, or ubering.

What if we are unable to run, how do we get to the other side of the Harbor?
In the event you are injured or unable to run, we will allow athletes to bike from Harbor East to Federal Hill. These athletes will follow the same path as the runners so as to hit the additional challenge. Please note that there is a difference between being unable to run and not wanting to run.

What time will the last heat at Harbor East run?
The last heat will run at 10 am.


Harbor Take Over 1
September 2018