Take 18 minutes 
Find a 2 RM Front Squat (new cycle!)


30 Front Squats
30 Box Jump Overs

Rest 2 minutes

35 Front Squats
35 Box Jump Overs

15 min Cap 

Fitness: 115/75 (95/65)
Performance: 155/105 (135/95)
Open: 175/115 (155/105)

Athletes: We are starting a new cycle this week.  2 RM Front Squat from the rack! We follow that with a front squat workout that should be performed at a load where you can not do 30 reps unbroken in the first set.  Weight on the front squats decrease in second round.


Partner WOD
150 Wall Balls
800 M run (together)
150 Push ups
100 Sit ups
75 KB Swings
50 Ring Rows 

24 min AMRAP 

(1 Partner works, 1 partner rests, reps can be split between partners however you’d like)