Push Jerk 3/3/3/3/3 (80%+ across) 
Between each set:
7 Bent Over T’s
7 empty barbell rows underhand grip) 

20 minutes


200 M Run 
____ Handstand Push ups
20 Russian KB Swings 

4 Rounds 

Fitness: (35/26) 12 Seated DB Strict Press
Performance: (53/35) 10 HSPU 
Open: (70/53) 12 Strict HSPU

15 minute cap

Athletes: Today we go heavy off the rack with some shoulder health work between each set. The workout has a technical piece with the Handstand push ups. Be sure to find a good progression. 

The members below attended and SIGNED INTO 20 or more classes in July!!

We are so proud of your consistency and commitment and hope to see this list continue to grow month after month. If you see these members around the gym, give them a high five or a hug 🙂

Kelly Hartnett 29 (so close to 30!!)
Fernando Elizade 26
Tyler Gillman 24
Anthony Napolitano 24
Francesca Anna Carrieri 23
Osh Oshitoye 23
Miranda Neal 22
Chase Kinney 22
Crystal Simpkins 22
Lindsay Laprad 22
Jorge Maciel 22
Mao-Bin Shen 22
Brittany Hallahan 21
Joe Dixon 21
Mindabeth Levin 21
Ari Zayon 20
Jill Nelson 20
Michael Ruth 20

As many of you know, Coach Brittany Priddy and Coach Parker are moving to New Zealand this month! They have both been long term members, coaches and truly an integral part of the Industry Athletics family. They will be missed dearly, but we wish them lots of love and happiness in their next adventure!

We COULD NOT say goodbye without a farewell workout! This Saturday August 17th at 12pm at Federal Hill, we will be hosting a farewell workout for both Brittany and Parker. Come get sweaty and say your “see ya laters” to two loved coaches.

30 Min Partner AMRAP
2,000k C2 Bike
8 Shoulder to overhead (185/125)
16 Chest to Bar
24 Back Squats (from ground) (185/125)