Every 90 Seconds for 30 minutes (5 Rnds) 
Station 1 – 25/20 Cals on C2 Bike 
Station 2 – Max Double Unders 
Station 3 – :45 Dball Carry (hold Dball at chest) 
Station 4 – 24 Walking Lunges with KB Farmer’s Carry (32/24 kg)

Athletes: Today we have 30 minutes at stations, a great time to practice skills and pacing! 

The last time we did a skill cycle we felt there was some work that was missed. It would be too bulky to program another day of skill work into the programming so we decided to layer on some skill work outside of class. On Thursday there will be pull up and muscle up work to follow that can be done today, Friday or Saturday. It is not mandatory and you will still make strides if you just do the programmed work, but if you have time we highly encourage you to hit an extra day! Please ask the coach for help, but give the class the right away if they are warming up or using the rig.

Extra Skill Work

Pull up track:
10 Second Chin over bar hold 
30 Seconds of Lat Pull Downs (hook a band up and put a PVC pip through it, sit down and pull the PVC pipe to your chest) 
30 second low plank 
5 Rounds

Muscle up track:
7 Low Ring Transitions
:20 Second False Grip Hang from High Rings
5 Rounds