Harbor East is CLOSED this weekend (8/31 & 9/1)

Labor Day Monday September 2nd:
9am and 10am classes ONLY


Muscle Up Cycle
Every minute for 8 Minutes 
3 Muscle ups
6 Ring Rows (pause at your chest) 
6 Fast Turn overs+Ring Dip (Pause at the top, low rings) 

Pull Up Cycle
Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes
 :20 Chin over bar Hold 
3 Slow Negatives 
20 Banded Pull downs (Straight arms, pull purple or red band to waist) 


____ Cal Row
25 Hang Cleans

Rest 1 Minute  

____ Cal Row
15 Power Cleans

Rest 1 Minute
2 Rounds 

20 min cap

Fitness: 25 (95/65)
Performance: 30 (135/95)
Open: 35 (155/105) 

Athletes: Our pulling Progression continues.  Focus on form during the skill work.  Then pick a weight on the hang cleans you can move!