FREE Barbell Club Wednesday (TOMORROW) 6:30PM at CFHE


Pulling Cycle 
5 minutes of Practice 


20 Muscle ups
50 Pull ups
30 Negatives
10 min Cap  (not including the 5 minute practice) 


“Grace Goes Running”

400 M Run
10 Clean and Jerks
400 M Run 
10 Clean and Jerks
400 M Run 
10 Clean and Jerks
400 M Run 

Fitness: 95/65
Performance: 135/95
Open: 135/95 

Athletes: Test out some of that pulling work today by hitting a few reps in a row.  See how the progress is as we are about half way through our cycle.  Grace Goes Running is a fun workout that we hit a year ago.  Check to see if you were here to compare scores. 

FX Physical Therapy is offering FREE movement and mobility screenings for ALL IA members on 9/17, 9/18, and 9/19 at Crossfit Federal Hill. More details below!

Our daily activities – work, sport and life – cause each of us to move differently. In a world where we frequently sit for long periods of time and produce repetitive movements each day, you may notice some discomfort or “twinges” of pain during different activities or motions…we often identify this pain as a result of muscular imbalances and mobility limitations. These imbalances and limitations can lead to poor movement mechanics, muscular pain and possible injury aka pausing memberships to IA….

In order to correct or manage these imbalances or limitations, we must identify them. FX Physical Therapy is here to help! As a team of highly skilled doctors of physical therapy (DPT), we are excited to be offering one-on-one movement and mobility screenings, free to all members of IA (these screenings will take place at Crossfit Federal Hill). These screenings will not only help you identify any movement or mobility issues you may have, but also provide you with the tools you can use to help correct them.

FX’s DPTs have extensive knowledge on movement science and its relationship with lifting, as well as several of our own DPTs are crossfitters, too! Please see below for the THREE days/times FX will be at CFH performing screens:

Tuesday Sept 17th 430-8pm
Wednesday Sept 18th 11am-130pm
Thursday Sept 19th 6am-930am

If you are unable to make one of these sessions, please reach out to Mackenzie Chrisco to schedule your FREE consultation at one of our locations downtown (10 Light Street or Under Armour HQ)

Dr. Mackenzie Chrisco, PT, DPT, CF-L1