Good luck to all the IA members participating in the OCMD Spartan Race today!!


AMRAP 15:00:
30 Power Cleans 
30 Box Jumps 

Break up the reps however you want.  The power clean load should be something that you can do 10 reps at a time with when you are fresh. 

Rest 5:00

AMRAP 15:00:
30 Calorie Row
15 Handstand Push-Ups

Break up the reps however you want.  Strict or kipping is ok and scale up to one abmat.  Change volume for wall walks or use Heavy DBs for a seated press. 

Fitness: 95/55 
Performance: 135/95
Open: 155/105

: Find a friend and lets have fun with these two 15 minute AMRAPs. Remember we will have plenty of modifications and progressions for HSPUs!  


Buy in: 800 M Run 
70 Air Squats 
60 KB Swings 50 Sit ups
40 Burpees
30 DB Front Squats (2 DBs)
 20 DB Push Press (2 DBs) 
10 Devil’s Press (2 DBs) 

24 min AMRAP 
**Only run once, see how far you can get into the 2nd round.**