Every 6 minute for 24 Minutes 
400 M Run 
30 Sit ups
25 C2 Bike Cals 
20 Russian Swings 
Max Doubles 

Fitness: (53/35) (20 Cals)
Performance: (70/53) (25 Cals)
Open: (70/53) (30 Cals)

Athletes:  You should have about 1 minute to do doubles.  If you have closer to two minutes challenge yourself more on the KB or Cals. 

Congratulations to the IA members below who SIGNED IN and attended 20 or more classes in the month of September!

We are so proud of your commitment and consistency! Next time you see these members around the gym, give them a hug or a high five.

Brent Arihood 24
Crystal Simpkins 24
Daniel Fitzgerald 24
Fernando Elizalde 24
Osh Oshitoye 24
Ari Zayon 22
Maria Isabel Alcaino 22
Mindabeth Levin 22
Skylar Sklar 21
Jonathan Millan 20
Kaitlyn Elizalde 20