Lift Off at Harbor East is Wednesday December 11th at 6:30pm

Federal Hill: Please clean out your cubbies by tomorrow


8 min EMOM 
Pull ups – Pick another weakness because they are in the workout  
BW (Cindy) – 10-15 Push ups (or #s you can maintain)
Toes to Bar – 5 Toes to Bar directly into 5 Kips to 90. (Go lower if you do not have t2b yet) 
Doubles – 4 min EMOM 25 fast singles 25 slow singles. Then 4 minutes to work on Dubs
HSPU – Hold at the top and Hold at 90 then 1 negative  
Muscle ups – 5 Ring Rows with Pause at chest, 5 Dips   
Snatch – 2 Reps of 3 Position Snatch at 75% of Isabel weight (1 Snatch from the Ground, 1 from below knee and 1 from above knee) 


15 Box Jumps
30 Alt DB Snatch 
15 Pull ups 
1 minute Rest 
4 Rounds 

Fitness: Seated barbell pull-ups
Performance: As written
Open: Chest to Bar 

Athletes: Work your weakness today! We have already had some great success and it is only week 3 into our challenge.  The second piece should take about 15-20 minutes.  Rounds should be 4 minutes including the rest.