Lift Off at Harbor East is Wednesday December 11th at 6:30pm

White Elephant and Holiday party is Friday December 20th at Delia Foley’s!
White Elephant starts at 7pm! Sign up on the link in the blog.
Party starts at 8pm! First keg is on Industry Athletics
More details in the blog.


Back Squats
(same weight across 75%) 


30 Doubles 
10 Single DB Box Step ups  
_____Toes to Bar 
7 Rounds 

15min Cap 

Fitness: (6 Toes to Bar) 50 Singles 
Performance: (8 Toes to Bar) 30 Doubles 
Open: (10 Toes to bar) 35 Doubles

EXTRA Weakness Work (not a part of class) 
Pull ups – 30 Negatives  
BW (Cindy) – 6 pull ups + 12 push ups x 5
Toes to Bar – 10 kips above 90 (perfect form) 
Doubles – Accumulate as many as possible in 6 minutes 
HSPU – 1 Negative directly into 10 seated DB presses x 7   
Muscle ups – 30 Turn overs on low rings    
Snatch – 30 Slow Snatch Grip Deadlifts at 110 % of Isabel Weight 

Congratulations to the members below who signed in and attended 20 or more classes in the month of November!!

Don’t forget, we are having an extra special surprise for the Committed Club winner in December 🙂 We’ll see you in the gym!

Andrew Eckert 27
Maria Alcaino 25
Ari Zayon 24
Brent Arihood 23
Brandon Scudder 22
Crystal Simpkins 22
Josh Deckelbaum 22
Lindsay Laprad 21
Kelly Hartnett 20
Monica Nott 20
Natalia Berger 20
Osh Oshitoye 20