Lift Off at Harbor East is tomorrow! Come lift!

White Elephant and Holiday Party is Friday December 20th! Details on the blog.

Holiday schedule is on the blog.


8 min EMOM 

Pull ups – 7 Strict or 4 Negatives + 10 second chin over bar hold 
BW (Cindy) – 3-6 Pull ups + 6-8 Push ups (pick #s you can maintain)
Toes to Bar – 5 Strict Toes to Bar (Get as high as you can, straight legs)
Doubles – 10 Doubles Jumps (no rope) then Attempt Doubles 
HSPU – 5-7 HSPU (strict or kipping)    
Muscle ups – 3 Muscle ups or 5 Turn overs and 10 second bottom of dip hold   
Snatch – 2 Snatches every minute at 105-110% of your Isabel Weight 


30 DB Goblet Squat 
30 DB Push Press (15 each side) 
___ Cal Row 

3 Rounds 

Fitness: 22 Cals
Performance: 25 Cals
Open: 30 Cals 

Athletes: Week 4 of our IA Challenge.  Keep up that weakness work! The workout should be 12-15 minutes.  The row portion should be aggressive and kept under 90 seconds.