White Elephant and Holiday Party is Friday December 20th! Details on the blog.

Holiday schedule is on the blog.

Harbor East: This Sunday there will be Capacity Class at 9am and open gym until 11am. NO 1-3pm open gym this Sunday.


Split Jerk

Work up to 90% of your 1 RM and hit that 6 times.


50 KB Swings 
40 Sit ups
30 Push Jerks 

Rest 2 minutes 

40 KB Swings 
30 Sit ups
20 Push Jerks

Fitness: 95/65 (35/26) 
Performance: 135/95 (53/35)
Open: 155/105 (70/53)

Athletes: Today we put a little more focus on the split jerk as getting a heavy weight overhead is always a struggle.  For the workout pick a weight that you can hit 8-10 reps with on the set of 30. 

EXTRA Weakness Work (not a part of class) 

Pull ups – 30 Negatives  
BW (Cindy) – 6 pull ups + 12 push ups x 5
Toes to Bar – 10 kips above 90 (perfect form) 
Doubles – Accumulate as many as possible in 6 minutes 
HSPU – 1 Negative directly into 10 seated DB presses x 7   
Muscle ups – 30 Turn overs on low rings    
Snatch – 30 Slow Snatch Grip Deadlifts at 110 % of Isabel Weight