Barbell Club kicks off a week from today at Federal Hill! There’s still time to sign up; go to the blog and click the link.


In a 10 minute window 

Pull ups- 60 Pull ups for time 
BW (Cindy)- 9 Rounds of Cindy 
Toes to Bar – 60 Toes to Bar 
Doubles – Max Doubles in 5 minutes (5 minutes to practice)  
HSPU – 35 For Time (make them difficult for you- deficit or strict)    
Muscle ups- 30 For Time    
Snatch- Warm up to a heavier weight than your Isabel load complete a 5 minute EMOM 


3 minutes on 1 minute off for 8 minutes 
30 Single Arm DB Hang Snatch 
20 Box Jump 
Max Burpee

3 minutes on 1 minute off for 8  minutes 
15 Burpees
15 Box Jumps
Max Single Arm DB Hang Snatch 

Athletes: This is our last week of weakness work! Lock in the movement, try to work your new skill.  We retest next week.  For the workout you should work to get to the burpees or Hang Snatch with about :30 left in the 3 minute chunk of time.