1,000 M Row 
25 Deadlifts 
15 Strict HSPU
900 M Row 
20 Deadlifts 
15 Strict HSPU 

800 M Row 
15 Deadlifts 
15 Strict HSPU 

25 min Cap 

Fitness: 185/125 (Seated DB Press) 
Performance: 225/155 (12 Strict HSPU) 
Open: 255/165 (15 Strict HSPU) 

Athletes: If you choose to kip please be careful with lowering yourself to the mat and putting too much pressure on your neck.  Elevate the mat or do less reps would be the goal for today.  Build strength in that position.  Each round 6-8 minutes.   The deadlifts should not be unbroken.  You can challenge yourself there and choose a load that you need to break up.