For the LOVE of fitness! Bring a Friend on Friday, February 14 for a fun and beginner friendly partner workout.


Take 15 minutesBack Squats
5/5/5/5/5 (70-75% of 2RM across) 


25 Pull ups
500 M Row 
25 Goblet Squat 
2 Rounds 
14 min Time Cap 

Fitness: 35/26 (400 M Row) (seated barbell pull-ups)
Performance: 53/35
Open: 70/53 (chest to bar)

Athletes: Today we go across on the back squats.  The load should feel very heavy by the 5th set.  For the workout you are trying to get each round done in 4-5 minutes.  The 14 minute cap is generous.  Make it a sprint. 


800 M Bike 
15 Burpees
14 Ring Rows 
4 Rounds 

Rest 2 minutes 

600 M Ski 
15 DB Front Squats 
14 DB Push Press (hold two press one, 7 per arm) 
4 Rounds