Athlete Spotlight – Mark Crawford


What made you decide to give CrossFit a try?

My whole life I have been apart of team sports.  From playing soccer when I was old enough to walk to Lacrosse through college, I had always been around people when training and working out. After college, I was lacking that competitive feeling that I had been a part of for my entire life. I wanted to find something that would continue to give me the unique feeling of being pushed by other people. CrossFit was the perfect opportunity for that.

How have your feelings towards CrossFit changed from when you first started to now?

My feelings towards CrossFit have changed a lot from when I first started. I have learned that CrossFit is way more than just a workout and a place to compete but it is somewhere I have made friends and formed relationships that will last forever. When I first began I would just come in, workout and leave like a job.  But as I went along I started to form friendships that became more important than the time I got on the workout.

How has CrossFit impacted your life?

CrossFit has impacted my life significantly.  Not only has it allowed me to continue to stay “fit”, it also helped me recover from hip surgery in an environment that was safe and adaptable while allowing me to still feel involved with that “team” atmosphere. The biggest impact CrossFit has had on my life is that I found my future wife Danni at the gym. Without her who knows what I would be doing.  So, I would say CrossFit has definitely had a huge impact on not only my fitness but also my overall happiness and well-being.

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant about trying CrossFit?

For anyone who is hesitant to start, I would tell them to just come on in and give it a try and stick with it for a few weeks. Those first couple weeks can be overwhelming and leave you to sore to sit but once the body begins to adapt you will feel better than you ever have. Every day you leave the gym, that feeling of accomplishment you have is something that is hard to replicate.

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