17.1 Tips and Strategy

17.1 Rundown   Use this advice and these tips to help you do your best with the first workout of The Open! Dumbbell snatches and burpee box jump-overs.  This workout is all about the engine.  Once you get yourself comfortable with the snatch weight, it’s about moving.  Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.  You’ll want to stop … Read more

CFH Intramural Open Points System

Now that teams have been assigned (and updated! – If you signed up for the Open this week, check out the teams list to see what team you’ve been put on!), we have outlined below the system for awarding points each week. During the Open season we will be posting each week on Thursdays the … Read more

CFH Intramural Open 2017 Teams!

CFH Intramural Open Teams! The CrossFit Open Season is upon us! We are expecting another memorable and exciting Open season ahead. And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… CFH Intramural Open Teams! Team assignments and names are listed below. If you sign up for the Open between now and Thursday we will … Read more

Two Week at Home Challenge Nutrition Guide

Hey Team! Here is our “Fresh Start Challenge Clean Eating Guide” This is our nutrition packet that we have worked on refining over years or working with new clients that are starting their fitness journey.  A few rules of thumb: Do not be overwhelmed, start small and make improvements that you can build on. You … Read more

Staying Strong in Your 40’s

Sign up below to get our guide delivered to your inbox.  We promise it is not fluff, but actual steps you can use to stay strong as you get older.  Enjoy and if you have any questions just respond to the email and we will help you out! -The Team at CrossFit Federal Hill   … Read more

$20 Challenge with Alexa

Do you struggle to find and prep meals that are quick, clean and easy? Watch the video below – Alexa goes shopping with $20 to buy the ingredients for a quick clean meal. See below for some pointers from the video you can incorporate into your shopping: When it comes to protein don’t skimp on … Read more

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