Be a Neighbor

By: Scott Burkholder

Crossfit Harbor East is a community within one of Baltimore’s vibrant neighborhoods. The Douglass District is a little known area nestled among some of the most historic and famous areas of the city. The borders of the District are from Central Avenue on the west to Broadway on the East, Fleet Street on the south to Bank Street on the North. It is a tiny, but mighty, two block by five block community.

The District has sat quietly for a number of years, but as you look around you can see that this is changing. As the neighborhood evolves, we have an important question to ask: 

What do we want to become? 

In the past, it would seem that the neighborhood has served as a “gate” between the affluent water front and a challenged part of the city (there is a physical gate on the end of my street where public housing begins). The citizens of the District believe that this is NOT what makes urban centers great. What makes a city wonderful is an expansive and inclusive mix of people!

With this in mind, the Douglass District Senate (our community association) has created a vision statement:

The Douglass District Senate believes urban living is at its best with a diverse and dense mixture of people and a robust combination of residential and thriving commercial enterprises to: house, employ, serve and engage the local and visiting populations. The Douglass District Senate is working to create the most vibrant, inclusive, walkable, healthy and economically viable neighborhood in Baltimore City!

Will you help make your gym’s neighborhood one of the finest in the city?

All are welcome!

What: Community Work Out
When: Sunday August 11th @ 11 a.m.
Where: CrossFit Harbor East (510 South Eden)
Why: To help build a great neighborhood
Details: Workout @ 11
Food and beverage @ 12 provided by Douglass District Senate

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