100,000 M CHallenge 2022

To Participate:

Simply add your name to the boards hanging on the walls under the Crossfit Federal Hill logo!

There is a column to keep a running total of running meters, rowing meters, and combined bike and ski erg meters. In the last square of your row on the board, you’ll put your grand total (all the way to the right)!

When is this Challenge:

This challenge starts Sunday, November 27th and goes to December 31st. You have that amount of time to accumulate meters. You can chip away during small increments or come in for big rows on Sunday or open gym days.

When can I get my meters in?

At any point! You are welcome to come in during open gym hours for big chunks. You can accumulate meters on your own at home or out on track during your a training a workout.

Why Would I Do This?
We do the 100,000m challenge every year at this time to help keep you consistent through the cold months and through the holidays! It’s a fun and very approachable challenge for all fitness levels. Some days the cold and the dark may have you down. This will be motivation to hit a row, run, bike or ski for 20 minutes! So lets encourage each other and see how many meters we can rack up!

Also, Jim K. from the noon class has sweetened the stakes for the 100K Challenge!
The top 3 finishers (most meters) will receive $100 Amazon gift cards! Jim will also provide $300 to the charity of choice for the 1st place winner and CFH will give you a free month of membership. 2nd place gets $200 to charity of choice and $100 off of one month of membership. 3rd place gets $100 to charity of choice and $50 off of membership.
Thank you Jim!

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