CFH Comp Team season recap

We are so proud of our competitors this season (and every season). When you see Hana Machover, Megan Wall, Ryan Grantham, Austin Clark, Laura Diebold, Mike Vigorita, Britt Priddy, Matt Davidow, and Candace Rubenstein around the gym, congratulate them on all their hard work and a very successful season after a year of hardship and limited training. It took scores and strengths of all nine of them to set this team up for Quarter Finals!

After the three week Open, a team score was created using the best two male and females scores from everyone in the gym that registered. That collective team score was used to determine placement in our continent. The top 25% from each continent qualified for the Quarter Finals. Team CrossFit Federal Hill came in 89th out of ~800 teams in North America, putting them well in the 25% (~200 teams) of the Open to qualify for the Quarter Finals. 

Quarter Finals consisted of five workouts to be done as a team of four athletes over four days in the same online fashion as the Open. Each continent was assigned a specific number of in-person Semi Final competitions with 20 teams going to each one. North America was assigned four Semi Final locations meaning the top 80 teams would qualify out of the Quarter Finals into Semi Finals.

While the workouts could be completed in any order, workouts 1 and 2 scores were submitted Friday, 3 and 4 Saturday, and 5 on Sunday. Unlike in the Open when scores appear on the leaderboard as they are submitted, the Quarter Final online leaderboard was only updated at the end of each day to give the feeling of a live competition. The four athletes selected for the team were Austin Clark, Ryan Grantham, Megan Wall, and Hana Machover with the two alternates being Mike Vigorita and Laura Diebold.

They were able to come together as a team and give everything they had on every single workout. They smashed the last workout with their best finish of the five workouts, placing 36th. It was 9-6-3 of snatches (175/125) and high burpee box jump overs (30’/24′) with the two females completing the work, followed by the two males. Overall out of 150 teams, Team CrossFit Federal Hill finished the Quarter Finals in 93rd in all of North America. This means amongst Crossfit Mayhem, Crossfit Invictus, Pro1 Montreal, and even Jump Ship (Demand’s Programmers) and so many other Crossfit Games Team regulars, Crossfit Federal Hill was only 13 places out of Semi Final contention.

Coming together after a year filled with hardships and limited ability to train as they usual would was truly inspiring. They represented CFH proudly on a national scale in their fitness, grit, and teamwork. #soproud

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