Gymnastics Course

The Open is Coming! Are your gymnastics skills ready?
Candace’s Gymnastics Course might be for you!

When: Monday January 10-Monday February 14 (6 Weeks) (*First Open WOD released Thursday Feb 24*)

How Much: $240 (2 installments of $120)

Athletes must pick ONE track:
Pulling Track: Pull Ups, Chest to Bar, Muscle Ups
Inversion Track: Handstand Holds, Push Ups, Walking, etc

What is Included:
-January 1-6: Scheduled individual 45min one on one with Candace
Meeting Availability: Tuesday 7-8:30am/Thursday 6-7:30pm

-Weekly In Person Workouts/Coaching with Candace:
Inversion Track Meets Tuesday 7:30AM
Pulling Track Meets Thursday 6:30PM

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-3x/week individualized programming on SugarWOD Private Track

Limited Spaces: 12 person MAX for the course, including both tracks

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