IA Charity Event

When: Saturday February 5th 9:00AM
How to Sign Up: Click HERE to sign yourself up. We will be putting you in teams of two!

Charity Component: For every pound lifted, IA will donate .05 cents to Umar Boxing, a local Baltimore Charity that exposes inner city youth to boxing to help push them forward in life. Their slogan is No Hooks Before Books. Click HERE to learn more about them. 

What’s the competition: Teams of 2 will complete a 1 RM Deadlift, 1 RM Back Squat, and 1 RM Bench.  Both partners will complete all three 1RMs in an allotted time frame.  Again, we will match you up with your partner.

*We will provide guidance on rep scheme and percentage jumps to help those new to lifting or new to finding a 1 RM! We will also have a warm up available for those who would like some guidance on that.*

Once all the lifting is done, each team will complete: Max Cals on the Rower + Max Burpee Box Facing Jump Overs in 8 minutes.  Both partners work at the same time, switching as they like.  Score will be total reps. 

There will be 2 scores total: 
Team Total (Weight on all 3 lifts)
Total Cals + Total Burpee Box Jumps

This is an in-house charity competition, so that means it’s meant to be a fun event to bring our community together for a good cause. Come for some fun fitness with your community! 

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