Powerlifting Course

Coach Kelsea is kicking off a new course at IA on Tuesday May 3rd: Powerlifting

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This course is built to strengthen your back squat, bench press, and deadlift for 8 weeks, by training both the three main lifts and extensive accessory and technique work. The Open is over and it’s the perfect opportunity to spend some time strengthening the basics.

Strength is never a weakness. A stronger squat, hinge/pull, and press translates to everything!

When: Tuesday and Thursday 6:00pm (1.5-2hrs)
Length of Course : 8 Weeks, May 3-June 23
For Who: All levels welcome! The programming will be adaptable for the brand new to the expert lifter
How much: $90/month (two installments)

Click HERE to sign up!

*We are looking for feedback on the timing of our specialty courses. Would you sign up for Powerlifting if it was Tuesday/Thursday at 7:00AM? Just click reply! Thank you!*

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