Small Group Body Comp Coaching

What is IA’s Body Composition for Performance Program?


  1. Initial Meet: In Body + Performance Goal-Setting + Strength or Conditioning Test-In
  1. Weekly Work: 3 Days of Strength or Conditioning Programming + Nutrition Habit Focal Points for Individual Performance Goals
  1. Assess Progress: In Body + Strength or Conditioning Test-Out 


June 5th – July 25th (7 weeks)


True Coach Program Delivery + Weekly Small Group Meet & Workout on Mondays @ 6:30pm 


 2 Payments of $150 (charged with membership on the first of June + July) 

How to sign up?

There will only be 8 spots available so please email to grab your spot ASAP!

Okay. But I’m still not sure what this entails, or who this program is for?

Lets go over some examples of who might be interested:

Athlete 1: The Hard Gainer: 

Steve is a lean, endurance-biased athlete who revels in 5k rows and feels confident for Memorial Day Murph, but tends to fall behind when heavy barbells are involved. He wants to step up his game when it comes to moving weight around. Steve knows that muscle mass moves barbell mass, and he wants to get strong. 

During our Test-In Meeting, we note that Steve’s body fat percentage is on the lower end of the healthy range. Steve sets the following goals: Increase Back Squat + Gain Mass

Weekly Work Examples: 

Squat: 5-3-1 Strength Protocol with Leg, Hip and Core Hypertrophy Exercises 3 x / week
External Stressor Reduction: Sleep and Hydration habit tracking and development
Increasing Fuel for Mass Gain: Tools for tracking and getting more comfortable with increasing quality nutritional intake

Athlete 2: The Barbell Queen: 

Stacy is the opposite of Steve. She is a strength-biased athlete who lives for heavy clean and jerks, but has to talk herself into completing any workout over fifteen minutes. She  avoids capacity class like the plague and struggles with bodyweight and gymnastics endurance. She wants to work towards feeling as comfortable with keeping her heart rate up for long periods as she does with heavy squats.

During our Test-In Meeting, we note that Stacy’s body fat to muscle mass ratio is something she wants to work on. Stacy sets the following goals: Increase 2k Row Time + Lose Body Fat

Weekly Work Examples: 

Squat: Tempo, Slow Endurance and Interval Work 3 x / week
External Stressor Reduction: Recovery habit tracking and development
Moderating Fuel for Fat Loss: Tools for ensuring adequate, sustainable nutritional intake that supports fat loss goals 

Athlete 3: The ‘Tweener:

Janet has been coming to somewhere around 4 CrossFit classes per week for as long as she can remember. She doesn’t cherry pick out of workouts (high five, Janet!) and therefore has been feeling pretty good no matter what the workouts throw at her. She feels comfortable with her body and wants to maintain her current level of body fat in order to promote health and performance goals, but has decided that she would like to put on a little more muscle mass to further support these goals, and specifically feel more powerful in olympic lifts.

During our Test-In Meeting, we take note of her current muscle mass and weight. Janet sets a goal to increase her Power Snatch and Clean, and get comfortable eating more throughout the day. 

Weekly Work Examples: 

Power Development: Olympic Lifting and Plyometric work 3 x / week
External Stressor Reduction: Get to a regular 8 hours of sleep daily by the end of the program
Moderating Fuel for Fat Loss: Tools for ensuring adequate, sustainable nutritional intake that support muscle gain goals

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