SugarWOD Tracks

Logging into SugarWOD this week you’ll see a new track: GarageFit. GarageFit is going to be the at home version of our Workout of the Day. If you have minimal equipment you should be able to hit this at home; swapping barbells for KBs or DBs. This will give our at home athletes a track to follow along with the IA community. We will put extra emphasis on the core via this track as we will not be lifting heavy barbell loads. 

So what does this mean for Drive? You won’t see a schedule change and some days you may not even feel like there is much of a difference in the workouts but our objectives for Drive are changing. Drive is going to be a class or programming for our members to get a long sweat in! Drive will now have all workouts go over 25 minutes. We will also start to incorporate new movements that you will not see in a Crossfit class. Movements like a wall sit, single arm KB press, Courtesy Squat, Dumbbell Bear Walk, and Gorilla Burpees. If you are wondering what these movements are, come to DRIVE M/W/F at 7:30am and Saturdays at 7:00am.  

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