The Open at IA

Our first Open announcement is days away and here is what we have in store:

For most of us at IA, The Open is simply three workouts, each Friday for three weeks, meant to gauge our progress from year to year. More importantly, it is a time of year to come together and have some fun fitnessing as a community! This year more than ever we are craving community, connection and fun. So, we are coming together as one community for the love of fitness and non-fitness related prizes ūüôā

For those new to the open, for three weeks starting on Thursdays Feb 24th, a workout will be announced and on Friday all classes (and crossfitters around the world) will do that workout. You sign up HERE to participate on a global scoreboard and keep track of your workouts/scores from year to year.  As long as you complete the workout with a judge by the following Monday at 5pm, you can enter a score. For IA, the last class of the day on Friday (for these three weeks) will be 4:30pm because then we will kick off Friday Night Lights.

Friday Night Lights is an experience unlike class. We come together as a large group to chat strategy/standards/judging, warm up, and then start running heats of the workout so everyone can do the workout and help be a ‚Äújudge‚ÄĚ for their fellow athletes!¬†

Our first Friday Night Lights is February 25th, 5:00pm.

Each week we will provide some incentives for you to join in the fun.  Week 1, Kelsea will set up a drink table fully equipped with pre and post workout shakes and all other hydration needs.  Free for all the IA athletes.  Come in to workout or come in to drink a fit aid and watch the fitness!  

You will also have chances every week to earn entries in a drawing that will take place on the last night of Friday Night Lights.  Here are the details:

You will get 1 entry each week you complete the workout.  
You will get 2 entries if you complete the workout at Friday Night Lights. 
You will get 1 entry for entering your score in the Games website.
You will get 1 entry for EVERY PERSON YOU JUDGE at Friday Night Lights…a lot of potential entries to just show up and help judge athletes participating!

The point of all this is to encourage people to come in, show your support and throwdown in a fun atmosphere.  The open has gone through many iterations and COVID has also changed how we gather.  It’s up to our community to create an amazing 2022 experience.  An atmosphere to show off what you have worked for, show off your strengths, get help on your weaknesses, and see how hard you can push yourself in a supportive community atmosphere!  

Prizes for the Drawings:

50% off specialty course at IA during 2022 (Oly, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, etc). + Whey Protein from Driven Nutrition + Choice of IA T-shirt

Whey Protein from Driven Nutrition 

Case of Fit Aid

Case of Perfect Bars 

Pre workout from Driven Nutrition 

Recovery from Driven Nutrition 

Case of Fuel for Fires 

3 45min personal training sessions…AND MORE!

I hope to see MANY of you at Friday Night Lights! The Open is only what we make it, friends…so let’s make it about us, coming together to enjoy fitness and each other. 

Big love,


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