Toes To Bar Crash Course

A teaser to our upcoming Gymnastics Course (launching in January) and a great way to get your first few reps or fine tune those Toes to Bar before the Open!

When: November 22-December 20 (4 Weeks)

How Much: $160

What does it include:
-One on One Meeting with Candace: 30 min (the week before November 22nd)
In this meeting you and Candace will decide if you are on the Strength Builder Track or the Skill Builder Track. This will also be time for our gymnastics pro, Candace, to see you in action and make the necessary adjustments to your movement patterns.

-3x/week Skill Workouts in SugarWOD (private track). That’s 12 workouts written by Candace to solely focused on improving your Toes to Bar!

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Strength VS Skill Track: This 4 week course is for the athlete who wants to get their first few Toes to Bar (strength) and for the athlete who needs some help stringing reps together or upping their volume on Toes to Bar.

Should I wait for the Gymnastics Course?
The Gymnastics Course launching in January will have two tracks. Athletes can choose the Pulling Track (pull ups, chest to bar, or muscle ups) OR the Inversion Track (Handstand holds, push ups, walking, etc). Toes to Bar will NOT be an option, so who is to say you can’t do both??

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