Congratulations to our IA Competitors for an inspiring performance at Wodapalooza this year! This January marked the 10th run of CrossFit’s most classic fitness fest, so it was an especially exciting year to celebrate fun and fitness in the Miami sun. 

CFH ladies were represented by Megan Wall, Coach Candace Davidow and dearly missed former member Liz Tippitt, aka Kismet. They finished in a very impressive 8th place among 38 intermediate teams! Kismet’s workout to shine was the final workout, WZA OC Remix, where they came in 6th place with a time of 7:34.78 by crushing 25 ring muscle ups and 25 synchro devil’s presses.  

Fed’s men were represented by Michael Vigorita, Coach Matt Davidow and beloved former member Rich Tippitt – aka The Phantom Party. The guys came in 7th place out of 66 scaled teams! Matt, Rich and Vigs earned multiple top five performances throughout, winning 4th, 5th and 4th places in workouts 1 (bar complex), 3 (row swim run) and 6 (celebrate ten) respectively. 

Our very own Hana Machover qualified for the Intermediate division in her first individual competition, AND came away with a 3rd place finish! Hana blew away the competition to win 1st place in Celebrate Ten (workout 6) with a time of 11:12.54, demonstrating incredible strength and grace in her gymnastics and weightlifting skill sets through handstand push ups, overhead squats and ring muscle ups. She also placed 5th in Dale, an elimination style sprint workout involving handstand walks, shuttle runs and a 100lb sandbag carry. 

All around an incredible weekend of hard work and dedication to the sport and community – if you see these athletes in the gym, be sure to give them a high five! 

Hana on the Complex Event
IA Women’s Team
IA Men’s Team
Hana on the rope climbs

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