Chipper for A Cause

Chipper for a Cause is 90 minutes of fitness! Each year we will be selecting a new cause to support. Our first event will be Saturday May 11th and this year we have decided to support the OUTWOD Foundation. This is a no thrills comp. We are keeping the price low and donating all profits to charity. No swag bags, podium finishers, or medals. Spectators will provide a donation in order to come cheer on their friends. T shirts will be extra and available to purchase before the event. We will have a limited run of them at the event also.

Chipper for a Cause is 6 Workouts completed in 15 minute windows. 90 minutes and you are done for the day. Teams of two, same sex partners. The workouts will have weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance components. There will be an RX, Scaled and Masters Division. You receive a start time 5 days from the event that will be somewhere between 8:30am and 4:00pm. Every team will compete the workouts in the same order and have their scores recorded by a judge who follows them for each workout. All scores will go live once the last team is finished so it is not a disadvantage to go first. When registering you will be able to pick a morning or an afternoon time slot. We will do our best to accommodate the time preference.

Take 90 minutes out of your day to come support a great cause! Click HERE to register and HERE to rsvp on facebook! 🙂

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