Geo Coach Profile


Geo is the owner/founder of Industry Athletics and a level 2 CrossFit coach.


Kelsea is a level 2 CrossFit coach and the general manager of Industry Athletics.

Chris Mate CFH Coach Profile


I love coaching because I love watching CFH athletes get something to finally “click” or achieving something that 6 months ago they didn’t think they would ever have the capacity to do. It’s infinitely rewarding. Additionally watching the CFH community grow and change, creating new friendships and relationships is amazing to watch.

JP Profile


JP Coach Profile Coming Soon!

Ryan G Profile


My favorite part about CrossFit is the fact that it is a great fitness program for everyone, from the completely unfit to the elitist athlete. CrossFit is scalable for all ages and physical conditions. All it takes is the willingness to give it a try, and once you do, you’ll gain a new respect for what your body can do. Whether it’s getting that one unassisted pull-up or snatching a weight you thought impossible, all the coaches at CFH will work to help you reach that goal.

Laura Profile


I love trail running, enjoy vegetables, and ignore my bedtime alarm like a child being forced to take a nap. Heavy snatches scare me, kettlebell snatches bring me joy, and I bond with friends by feeding them cookie skillets and other baked experiments.

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