Current Member Offerings

IA Family: During the ongoing COVID-19 closure, we threw a lot at you in terms of what you can expect from us. We wanted to share a more concise document detailing what we are offering members who are willing and able to continue paying their memberships.

Below we have broken down what we are doing on SugarWOD, Zoom, True Coach, and Facebook. Please still continue to check the blog as this is the most consistent way we can disseminate information.

We love and appreciate each and every one of you! Stay strong and stay safe!

  • Workout Schedule: workouts will always be posted on the blog and on Sugar WOD.
    • Monday- Bodyweight/Minimal Equipment (BW/M) Workout and Core Workout
    • Tuesday- BW/M and Endurance
    • Wednesday- BW/M and Core
    • Thursday- Endurance and Gymnastics
    • Friday- BW/M and Core
    • Saturday- BW/M
    • Sunday- Endurance and Gymnastics
  • Every night at 8pm, you will find a video on the blog, detailing a warm-up and the workout for the next day.
  • In SugarWOD, you will find a more interactive way to keep up with your IA family. The IA workouts will be posted here every day and you’ll be able to comment and fist bump your fit friends! Above the workout of the day, you will find the link to the live workout on Zoom. SugarWOD is for tracking and accountability.
  • On Zoom, Geo and Kelsea are hosting LIVE workouts at 12pm and 5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Every Saturday there will be a LIVE workout at 9am.
  • On Facebook, we have created a Member Only: QuaranTONED Edition Group! If you are a paying member, check facebook for an invite. If you do not see one and are a current paying member, please request to be added. I have had trouble adding some of you, but we would love ALL current members in this group.
  • We are most excited about True Coach, our team will be tailoring Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s workout from our current programming every week, specifically to YOU! Additionally your assigned coach will be checking in with you two times a week. As we personalize these days of programming, we will take into consideration your equipment or lack thereof, your goals, your weaknesses, and what you enjoy! You will need to accept the True Coach invitation via the email you received, so please reach out if you cannot find this email or if you have any questions.
  • The PURPOSE OF TRUE COACH AND SUGARWOD- there have been some confusion as to why we launched both platforms. SugarWOD is great for overall tracking in a group setting. We are able to get the workout to everyone and people can interact and see scores we feel that is important for 7 days a week of programming. TRUECoach is your personal portal to 1 on 1 training. During this time we want to come at you with workouts specifically designed for you. TrueCoach gives us the ability to change workouts just for you, communicate with you, upload and watch videos to work on technique and throw in extra strength, endurance and core work designed for you.
  • MEMBERSHIP- All of the above is included in your membership price.
  • For the members who are looking for more, we have put together the add-on options below.
    • These options below are the only things not included in your current membership. For $45/per session- we will jump on zoom together and do a live personal training session.
    • For $100/month- our team will write three days of personalized programming per week (three personal workouts, completely separate from the currently programming).
    • For $150/month- our team will write 6 days of personalized programming per week. This option will also include a one hour zoom personal training session per month.

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