December 2019 Committed Club

The people below, and so many of you, didn’t let the holiday craziness stand in the way of your health and we are so proud of you!

The members below attended and signed in to 20 or more classes in the month of December. It’s not a long list, but we have some BIG numbers here.

If you see these friends around the gym, give them a high-five for their commitment.

Brent Arihood 30!!
Osh Oshitoye 28
Ari Zayon 27
Maria Alcaino 25
Brandon Scudder 24
Natalia Berger 23
Jill Nelson 23
Daniel Fitzgerald 22
Mindabeth Levin 21
Kelly Hartnett 21
Anthony Napolitano 20
Brian Perrone 20
Crystal Simpkins 20
Joseph Dizon 20

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