Diapers and Dumbbells

 Hi!  I’m Brittany!!!   I am a corporate employee gone rogue pursing my passion of fitness and nutrition. I have been CrossFitting for 8 years, coaching for 3 years, nutrition coach for the last 2 years and a mother since June to a sweet baby girl, Mia Elizabeth.  I have a wonderful boyfriend who is an incredible father and my number one supporter.  Our family is rounded out with our small but mighty Yorkshire Terrier, Egan.

Everyday I am learning and adjusting to my new mom & postpartum life.  I am learning to be kind and patient with my body, as it adjusts to everything is has gone through.  Fitness has always been a big part of my life, before, during and after my pregnancy. But, Postpartum life is not always easy.  It has so many perks and yet comes with just as many frustrations & concerns. It is my desire to share my learnings with each of you, and my goal to help cease the frustration we, as women affront.  

This fitness program designed specifically for the postpartum female, both novice and experienced in fitness.  It is a functional fitness course designed to bring awareness to the pelvic floor, and to engage and re-stablize ones core while incorporating breath work.  

Classes will take place in a safe and supportive environment where athletes are welcome to bring their little one (ages newborn – 2years). During class, moms will be executing a full body workout where they will get their heart rate up, while simultaneously toning their muscles. Additionally,  we will spend some time discussing nutrition and how to make small lifestyle changes that focus on improving general family’s nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight. 

With Diapers and Dumbbells together we will reconnect with our body and advance our fitness. I cannot wait to work with you!

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