What if I am not in shape?

That is why we are here. You do not have to get in shape for CrossFit. Every workout can be modified or scaled.

What should I bring?

Water bottle, positive attitude and athletic shoes.

How much does it cost?

Your first class is on us, so now you have no excuses. If you want to learn more about the pricing click HERE

Why does it cost so much?

We figured we would address this issue head on even though we know MULA can be a touchy subject.

At CrossFit Federal Hill you will always have a coach. The personal attention of knowing exactly how to move, what technical problems to fix and what to eat so you can recover for your next workout are all things you will get on a daily basis. No extra charges or up sells for the premium membership.

We also like to break down the pricing structure to espouse the value. Semi private group training sessions cost at the very least $20 (probably more like $40). If you go four times a week that is $320 a month. That is like two CrossFit memberships!

When you break it down we are actually one of the cheaper gyms in the area for individual/group training. And remember we are much more then a warehouse full of people lifting heavy things.

Can I really get a good workout in 20 minutes?

Yes. The research is out and it shows that shorter duration/higher intensity workouts yield higher benefits/results.

Before we jump into the little knowledge bomb check out our testimonials and try out the free week pass. Seeing is believing, but in CrossFit doing is believing.

Ok, on to the mubo jumbo if you must…

We like to break it down into three pathways the phosphogen, glycolytic and oxidative.

For the sake of simplicity the oxidative is where most people like to train. Running, skiing, hiking, and all moderate activity stays in this pathway. When we sprint, or lift heavy things for a short amount of time as fast as we can we dive into the phosophogen and glycolyitc pathways. Training in these latter two pathways has been proven to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity while building muscle and gaining strength. There is a ton more technical talk that goes along with this, but we think you get the point. If you are interested in more checkout this blog post we wrote up LINK HERE (we will put the link in)

We do believe there is a time for longer bouts of exercise and we will go outside of the 30 minute mark at times, but our goal is to be as efficient as possible in raising your fitness level and getting results.

Can you get hurt doing CrossFit?

You can injure yourself in any activity. I broke my arm jumping on a bed once ( I was six, so give me a break). At CFH we like to think of each person as an individual. NO matter what your level is our first focus is on safety of movement. Then we lock down consistency. Can you continually perform every movement correctly. Finally we will push you to go fast and test your intensity.

Is CrossFit really hard?

CrossFit can be hard, but it is nothing to fear. We welcome everyone to experience the reward hard work can have on your body and your mind.

I am afraid I will get too big and bulky?

In order for people to get big, buldging muscles, especially women, you must do a few things. Number one eat a ton. Literally, your caloric intake needs to be through the roof and filled with a high volume of protein and fat. Second you need to consistently pick up really heavy things, rest for a few minutes then repeat. Do we do this? Yes, but then we might run a mile or do 100 Burpees (if you do not know you will find out soon). My point is in CrossFit we combine cardiovascular endurance which gives athletes a lean and athletic look.