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Next Challenge: April 15th


The Industry Athletics Fresh Start challenge is a five-week program designed to help you set fitness, diet, and overall wellness goals and start achieving them in a motivating and supportive atmosphere. The lasting habits that you build will go far beyond the length of the challenge or walls of the gym. What are you waiting for? There’s no better time to start than now!


The Details

  • Three weekly classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 PM for five weeks total including a week of unlimited classes once the challenge wraps up
  • Tailored programming and coaching to build your skills and ability level throughout the challenge
  • InBody Scans to benchmark and monitor progress
  • Additional weekly challenges to keep you engaged and motivated
  • You’ll be prepared for any standard Industry Athletics class after the 5th week if you’d like to stay with us
  • Limited to 15 men and women – Sign up today while there’s still space!

Ready to Get Started?

Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with more information about the Fresh Start Challenge and scheduling your free 15 minute intro to discuss your fitness goals prior to signing up

No Prior Experience Required!

What to Expect

Here’s an overview of what you can expect throughout the five weeks of the Industry Athletics Fresh Start Challenge

  • Week One

    Goal Setting and Introduction:

    Set expectations, introduce basic functional movements that will be a core part of the challenge and conduct your first InBody scan to set a benchmark and measure progress throughout the challenge

  • Week Two

    Finding Rhythm & Building Healthy Habits

    We’ll start to introduce more intermediate movements into the workout and by now you’re already starting to build good habits around your fitness and diet

  • Week Three

    Feeling Stronger and Healthier

    Continued emphasis on solid, functional movements in the workout while you’re starting to notice positive physical changes to your body and energy level. You're also eating healthier and making better decisions about your diet on a consistent basis

  • Week Four

    Better Habits & Accountability are Taking Hold

    Starting to introduce some of the more advanced movements from CrossFit. The healthy habits you’ve been learning are now ingrained and you can see the full potential of continued attention to your fitness and wellness

  • Week Five

    A Stronger and Healthier You!

    You look and feel completely different than you did five weeks prior. You’ve probably also made a few friends who are going to continue holding each other accountable after the challenge wraps up

Free Week of Classes

After the Challenge – You’ll receive one free week of unlimited classes at the Industry Athletics location of your choice. All classes are taught by an expert coach in a guided and welcoming atmosphere

Who Is The Fresh Start Challenge For?

The Fresh Start Challenge is For You If…

You want to be healthier and in overall better shape

You want accountability in a positive, supportive and motivating environment

You want variety in your workouts and get tired of always doing the same thing

You like structure and not having to think about what to do in the gym

You want to make BIG positive & lasting changes that impact your overall health and wellness

This Works, We Promise!

Before joining I was inactive and very much overweight. There were several fears and obstacles that I had to overcome before setting foot inside. But once I showed up I found the community to be amazing. There are people of all athletic abilities and levels and I was amazed at how encouraging people have been to me. At my one year anniversary I am amazed by the progress and how I have grown. I have gotten stronger. I have gained mobility. I have lost weight. And I have gained a network of friends and coaches that help me hit my goals so I don't have to do it alone. - Brad O.
I knew I needed to drastically change my lifestyle or I was not going to make it to 50. My heaviest weight was 385 lbs and My current weight is 235 lbs. I lost the majority of the weight through clean eating and moderate exercise. I joined to reach my goal weight by building lean muscle and improving my cardiovascular fitness. I’m excited to experience this journey with the Industry Athletics Community!” - Mike S.
Before starting, I was in kind of a crappy place in life – I was unhappy, unhealthy, and just felt super out of whack. I had just graduated and needed something to get excited about. Industry Athletics made me a hell of a lot braver. And it surrounded me with people that were super inspiring. If someone was thinking about trying, I would tell them to stop doubting themselves. It doesn’t matter what you can’t do (yet). Be kind, work hard, and have fun. It’ll change your life if you let it. What do you have to lose?! - Rachel A.

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