Friday June 26, 2020

Don’t forget to read the Blog Post, so you know what to expect coming back into the gym today!

Our Workout of the Day is in SugarWOD, below is our at-home programming (not the class workout)!


(Retest from March 24th) 

50 Sprawls (no Push up Burpee) 
50 Air Squats
50 Russian Swings 
50 Walk Lunges 

Rest 2 minutes 

40 Sprawls 
40 Air Squats 
40 Russian Swings 
40 Walking Lunges 

Rest 2 minutes 

30 Sprawls 
30 Air Squats 
30 Russian swings 
30 Walking Lunges 

**Your goal is to finish in under 25 minutes.  

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