Industry Athletics Scholarship Program

We are in a hard spot, the gym is closed and we are trying to adjust our model to help serve our community. In the midst of all this, our community has given back so much…

-People have made AMAZING one time donations
-Members have kept their memberships active as we go digital
-Coaches have given up pay checks. Some are donating their time as they have another full time job to support them.
-Members have added on personal programming to their membership, paying more per month then they did a few weeks prior
-Old members have come back to support us

In turn we want to give back, we are providing:
-Access to SugarWOD to track scores, hold people accountable, and provide a virtual community
-Access to our Zoom Classes, fitness, nutrition and mindset
-Access to TrueCoach where we program individually for our athletes
-Giving them workouts, video critiques and feedback directly related to their goals and situation

We do not have access to the gym, we do not have funds to donate, but we have access to our virtual program. This program will help keep people in shape and put them in a better place to fight disease and stay healthy. We want to give that to more people. We are going to scholarship a few athletes for free. If you have been hit by hard times because of COVID-19, we will welcome you into our community, give you access and help you on their fitness journey. We hope our members do not see this as devaluing their services and giving away something that others have to pay for. We can only do this because of the people that are paying. We can only help because our community has so graciously helped us. If you know someone or are someone that wants to apply, please fill out the survey below. We only have the capacity to accept a certain number of athletes, because continuing to provide a high level of service to all the current paying members is top priority.


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