Industry Athletics Winter Challenge

What is it?

The Industry Athletics Winter Challenge is here to keep you motivated during these cold, dark, holiday months. Don’t put your health and fitness on hold!
Both gyms will have a large white board for you to put your name on. This is your way of signing up for this FREE challenge. The challenge will run for 8 weeks. The first week, you’ll put your test scores on the board. Weeks 2-7 you can earn check marks. Week 8, we will retest the workouts from week one.

What are we testing and when does it start?

In class on Monday November 18th, we will be testing our one rep max Clean and Jerk and our 2k row. In class on Tuesday November 19th, we will be testing a weakness workout.

For the weakness workout, every participant will pick a benchmark workout from the whiteboard (ie Fran, Diane, etc). You will pick your workout based on a movement you want to improve. For example, if you want to improve your handstand push-ups, you’re going to pick Diane. If there is a movement you want to work on over these 8 weeks that is not in a benchmark workout, ask a coach what workout would be most appropriate to swap a movement for. An example would be picking Fran, but replacing pull-ups with toes to bar because you want to work on toes to bar.

We will retest these workouts on Monday January 13th and Tuesday January 14th.

How do I earn check marks every week?

To earn a check mark for the week you need to:

Attend class 3 or more times that week
Eat 500g of fruits and vegetables 5 days that week
Complete AT LEAST 30 minutes of skill work on your weakness movement

For every check mark, Industry Athletics will donate $1 to the nonprofit, Next One Up. If our community rallies around each other and this challenge, we could raise up to $1,000 for Next One Up!

What is Next One Up?

Next One Up is a non-profit, founded by an Industry Athletics alumni Matt Hanna. Next One Up’s goal is to “empowers ‘high-risk’ middle and high school students in Baltimore City by providing long term mentoring and coaching on the field and in the classroom.”
Check them out HERE.

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