Keep IA Safe

Our Current Safety Protocols
-Everyone gets a temp check at the door.
-Every must wash hands when entering the gym and wear a mask.
-We maintain a minimum of 8-12 feet of distance in workouts.
-Classes will be 45-50 minutes to allow for cleaning and social distancing.

-Fitness is the goal, but health is our top priority.  We will be programming intelligently so people can stay spaced and feel safe in the gym.  We will not share equipment, do complex workouts that involve crossing paths or share racks.  We promise you will still get fit and strong, it just might look a little different for a few weeks.

-The gym will be sprayed down with Quat 64 each and every day.  All of the equipment and high touch areas.
-All high touch areas will be cleaned with Omni Shield every 30 days.  Omni shield does not let viruses live on surfaces for up to 60-90 days. 
-The gyms will receive a full wipe down and clean on Sundays
-Four days a week we will have cleaning crew come through for an additional clean
-Each and every class (about 6-8 times a day) the floors will be cleaned with an industrial floor scrubber.
-All equipment is wiped down by the athletes after each and every class. (6-8 times per day) 

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