March 2020 Committed Club

Oh yea, it’s still a thing! Now more than ever, we want to commend the members who are keeping their health and wellness a priority amidst the craziness.

The members below checked into and attended 10 or more classes before we had to shut our doors AND have continued to crush their at-home workouts with us via SugarWOD and True Coach. Be sure to give them a SugarWOD fist bump or a comment!

Ari Zayon  13
Daniel Fitzgerald  13
Feysel Abdulkaf  13
Kathryn Maitland  12
Matthew Heiland  12
Brandon Scudder  11
Chelsea Carr  11
Jane Clauson  11
Jill Nelson  11
Michael Meck  11
Yuriy Mamed-Zade  11
Brent Arihood  10
Dylan ViaCava  10
Edward Pavoni  10
Jessica Konigsberg  10
Jorge Maciel  10
Natalia Berger  10

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