Meet the Strong Moms of IA!

Last September Industry Athletics started up Diapers & Dumbbells, a fitness program designed specifically for the postpartum female. The course, like most of our crossfit classes, is centered around functional fitness but also makes a point to incorporate pelvic floor awareness, core stabilization, and breath work. Since September, we have had a number of dedicated and strong moms partake in the program in some capacity. We are proud to introduce you to the Moms of IA and share with you what they have to say about Diapers & Dumbbells!

Emily Orlins, Elementary School Teacher

Throughout her pregnancy, Emily stayed active in Crossfit with some modifications. She started attending Diapers and Dumbbells about 6 weeks postpartum, after having her beautiful baby girl Marley.

“I took six weeks off of serious exercise after birth.  I was nervous but determined to get back into CrossFit. Diapers and dumbbells has been the perfect transition for me. Brittany has taught me how to be aware of my breath and how to protect and strengthen my pelvic floor. The workouts are healing and invigorating!  I’m so thankful for the classes! It is a warm community and a great workout. Marley always got a solid nap during the workout. When I attend the regular CrossFit classes, I keep in mind what I’ve learned at diapers and dumbbells. I am thankful to Brittany and CFH for this awesome opportunity for moms!”


Nicole Aiken-Shaban, Lawyer

Prior to pregnancy Nicole lead a very active life.  She had been Crossfitting for 3 years, played rugby in college,  and prior to that was a 3 sport ( track, soccer, and tennis) athlete in high school.  She continued with her workout routines (with modifications) up until her delivery. Baby Zayne was quite cozy with Nicole and arrived about 10 days post due date. She joined Diapers and Dumbbells about 2 months postpartum.

“I have seen an increase in my pelvic floor and core strength since starting the class and doing some of the “take home” exercises.  It is also a great opportunity to connect with and learn from other mothers about parenting and life “after kids” as we all work out together. We worked to modify various movements while my core recovered and the separation in my abs decreased. “


Anna Leming, Former lawyer

Joined Diaper and Dumbells at 9/10 months postpartum. Prior to her beautilful baby girl Charolette, Anna was active in fitness.  She typically did her own thing at the gym. Her workout routine consisted consisted of running, spinning, and light lifting. She planned her workout day to day, and didn’t have any real guidance or coaching.

Diapers and Dumbbells has given Anna the ability to get out of the house for an awesome workout, while knowing Charlotte will be in great hands with our on-site baby sitter.

“ It has helped me get back into a routine with fitness and back to focusing on taking better care of myself, so I can take better care of my family.”  


Jess Deleon, Photographer

Active through both pregnancies (Mother to 2 amazing boys! Jackson, 5 & Lincoln, 1), Jess participated in Crossfit (with modifications) up until her delivery.  However, post pregnancy due to her schedule, she took a good amount of time off after having Lincoln. Eager to get back into the gym, and back on track with her fitness, Jess jumped at the opportunity and joined Diapers & Dumbbells when she was 11 month postpartum.

“I love to be able to work out with other women in a non judgmental but encouraging environment WHILE knowing the babies are right there if they need us but well cared for is a game changer.  It fills my bucket for the day! Also, I’ve struggled postpartum finding healthy but challenging workouts. Due to life right now, I can’t workout as much as I wish I could. Being able to work HARD when I get the chance and challenging by body at the level I need is what I’ve found unique to this program.  The workouts are all scalable to your current level and the movements are not harmful to postpartum/healing bodies. Incorporating movements to strengthen core and pelvic floor is so unique! I love it. Thank you for offering this program!”

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