Monday May 18, 2020

Join us on Zoom at 7:30am, 12:00pm, or 5:00pm

Don’t forget to put your Annie time in SugarWOD today!

“Choose Your Flavor” 

75 Burpees
100 Alt DB Snatch 
175 Air Squats 

**Complete in any order you choose. 30 min Cap**

Tell us your scheme in SugarWOD! 

Athletes: Be sure to get the lower back warmed up and ready to move some weight off the ground. Pick your own scheme today! Straight through is usually the more challenging option.  If you are going for speed come up with a scheme that breaks the reps up into smaller sets.  Or we have seen people do something like Every 2 minutes- 7 burpees, 10 Alt DB Snatch Max Air Squats for 10 rnds, then finish what is left over! 


EMOM for 8 minutes 
20 Russian Twist 
:15 Tuck Hold 
Max Toes Touches 

For toe touches lay flat on your back.  Legs straight up, heels facing the sky.  While keep your legs straight sit up and reach for your toes.  You should have about :20 seconds for toe touches.  Remember no break here will make it hard as the minutes compound.  Be sure to plan :10 rest before the next minute starts up. 

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