October Commited Club

As the days get colder and darker, everyone on our Committed Club deserves an EXTRA high five or hug for their commitment to their health this month!

The members below checked in and attended 20 or more classes in October. Special shout-out to Ari Zayon, Crystal Simpkins, and Osh Oshitoye for being our most consistent committed club members. Keep up the good work!

Crystal Simpkins 27 (WHOA!)
Maria Isabel Alcaino 25
Mindabeth Levin 24
Brent Arihood 22
Matthew Heiland 22
Daniel Fitzgerald 21
Ari Zayon 20
Brandon Scudder 20
Jane Clauson 20
Jenn Burkholder 20
Jill Nelson 20
John Babb 20
Michael Meck 20
Osh Oshitoye 20
Ross Moody 20

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