Brittany Hallahan | Coach

Brittany is a corporate employee gone rogue pursuing my passion of fitness and nutrition. This past summer her and her boyfriend welcomed their sweet baby girl, Mia Elizabeth, into the world!  Their family is rounded out by a badass dog, Egan, who weighs in at 5.5lbs. Tho he may be small, he is mighty!

Brittany is CrossFit Level 1 certified, a Pre and Post Partum Fitness Specialist, as well as a Nutrition Coach.

“I was not born a naturally gifted athlete nor did I play competitive sports.  I was not blessed with the genetic make up of a six pack and when I was younger I struggled with body image.  I remember constantly dieting and never being happy. Post college graduation I found myself severely overweight, out of shape and unhappy. ”

Crossfit was the first step in Brittany’s transformation journey. The second step was being  introduced to an online nutrition program in 2015 that helped teach her balance.

“I learned how to fuel my body for performance and stopped a negative cycle of under and over eating.  But above all, I learned consistency is the key to success and that if I consumed the right amounts of quality foods I was able to achieve fat loss and enhance my fitness.”

Brittany has been working 1:1 with clients for over 3 years.  She has organized multiple group nutrition challenge. In each challenge, the focus has been on establishing healthy habits that promote fat loss, as well as muscle gain.

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