Carsen Hyde | Coach

Credentials: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Currently a Cardiovascular Surgery Physician Assistant on the civilian side and an Aeromedical Battalion PA for a Combat Aviation unit here in the Maryland Army National Guard.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Sciences and a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology where I worked in an applied biochemistry lab researching human performance and metabolic/body composition. Before graduate school, I was commissioned as an Officer in the Army and had the job of Medical Operations Officer which included the task of helping soldiers improve their fitness and achieve the height and weight standards. During graduate school I was a Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for the University of Oklahoma #BOOMER. After school, I worked for a sports performance institute as a strength and conditioning coach helping athletes get back to “Game Ready” after an injury. I hung up my coaching hat because Uncle Sam said he’d make me a Physician Assistant so I chased the dream of being able to practice both the applied and clinical science.

I had originally done Crossfit-like workouts in the past to supplement my own programming, but have really only consistently done Crossfit for the last 2 years due to my beautiful wife (she’s the boss) and her obsession for fire breather workouts. After coming to a few classes, I quickly realized how much I love/missed coaching and helping people progress in their fitness journey. Geo learned of my background and was gracious enough to offer a spot in his community of great coaches. This opportunity has afforded me the ability to continue to treat people in medicine, but also keep my sanity/hobby of preventative medicine with coaching those seeking a healthier lifestyle. I’m more than happy to nerd out on what is happening to your body with diet and exercise so feel free to ask any questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it or someone who does and get back to you. Remember, I know you may feel like you are dying…and if you are…I got you 😉
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