Dave Carasiti | Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Certificate
I’ve been doing Crossfit officially since 2013, and unknowingly since 2009. How do you, do Crossfit unknowingly? Well my old strength and conditioning coach was a sectionals competitor and made us all do metcons. Ever since then I’ve loved Crossfit, so much so, that started coaching in October 2017. I’ve dealt with a lot in terms from Crossfit, from loosing almost 40 lbs post football, helping a regionals team train, working through injuries and now finding how to continue to improve and make Crossfit my long term plan to stay healthy. Crossfit is one of my favorite parts of my day, whether it’s helping people through coaching or making myself just a little bit better through working out.
Non-Crossfit wise, I’m newly married, to another Crossfit coach and yoga teacher. In 2013 I graduated from Johns Hopkins with a Mechanical Engineering degree, and am currently working as a Project Manager for Jellyfish – right down the street in Harbor East.
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