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Working mother of two.

Amy L

I am enjoying the foundations class immensely!  I absolutely love the fact that CrossFit is in NO WAY your typical gym full of big, bulky guys grunting and checking themselves out in all of the mirrors.  I have been pleasantly surprised that many of the classes so far have more women participating than men!

I must say thank you for offering the foundations class since I am new to CrossFit.  I have enjoyed the classes so much because Geo and Brian are very calm, warm, caring individuals who explain every single movement in detail.  CrossFit can be a little overwhelming with all of the strength type workouts and now I am at ease since I am learning the correct form of each movement the first time, before I start adding weight to my workouts.  I also appreciate it when Geo or Brian correct my form and explain exactly what I should do better in order to prevent injury.  Often it is embarrassing to be called out in a group, but the fact that everyone in the foundations class is new as well, it is comforting to know that you and Brian are so caring and really watching each and every move.  It is very apparent that you both are doing something that you love!  And now because of your incredible coaching style, I am much more confident that I am using the proper movements and I can complete the workouts without injuring myself.

Also, a huge thank you for offering the 5:30 AM foundations class and class time.  I am a full time working mom of two very active little boys and 5:30 AM is the only “mommy time” I can schedule in my day.  I enjoy sneaking out of the house every morning to your CrossFit gym that is so warm and welcoming because it is such a great start to my day!

Thank you both for everything!

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