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CF 30 Day Franey 2CF 30 Day Franey

Brian and I could not be more thrilled that he was willing to share these photos with everyone.   We hope it provides some inspiration for people to change what they are eating along with coming into CFH 3-5 times a week!

We set him up for success by providing some guidelines, but it was Chris who did the cooking, prepped the food and still came into the gym.  We can help, but ultimately you need to be ready to commit!

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Weight loss? Jan 28th = 220lbs, March 1st = 212lbs
How did your energy levels change? 

Immediately felt energized throughout the day.  Within the first few days I noticed the 3pm slump was gone and I was rolling through the work day with ease.  Over the course of the 30 days I gradually felt stronger and faster with every WOD’s.  But there was a trade off because I also gradually felt more tired and drained after them as the weeks progressed.

Did you feel an improvement in sleep?

I struggled getting out of bed more than usually but once I was up I was wide awake and ready to roll.  Other than that I did notice any other changes.  I’ve always slept through the night soundly.

Did your times improve on the test WODs?

YES I did. I dropped over two minutes on my Grace time.  My first test was 5:54 at RX and my retest was 3:48 at RX.  Also my first test  50 air squats, 40 pullups, 30pushups, 20 situps, and 10 burpees was at 6:33 and I’m pretty sure I used the blue band for 20 of the pull ups.  My retest result was 6:09 completely RX. (THESE ARE AMAZING IMPROVEMENTS)

Any other comments about how you feel, sleep, move or perform?

I saw a noticeable difference in just my overall quality of life.  I felt cleaner and clear of congestion and inflammation ( especially in the mornings.)  I occasionally craved some sweets and beer, more so near the end of the challenge,  but really found no issue eating paleo.  I quickly learned to enjoy the taste of real food and enjoyed snacking on healthy alternatives to the crap I used to reach for.  We will continue to eat a mostly clean diet.

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