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Kathy is one of our oldest members at CFH! Age is just a number to her she proves that the over 50 crowd can still hang!
Kathy C Succes Story-
Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I started running and working out after having my first child and am always looking for effective exercise programs. The Crossfit movement was intriguing so last December I decided to give it a try. It is, by far, the most difficult and most rewarding program I have found! Now my daughter in NYC is also a Crossfitter after hearing all my trials and tribulations!
What has changed since starting CrossFit? Several things are different seven months later – I have discovered a new exercise in Olympic lifting that has been fun to learn and I have discovered that I can manage crazy movements I’ve never tried before. Since the program has great ways to modify any motion I am able to participate and grow at my own pace. It is exciting and encouraging to see small steps of improvement since I started Crossfit.


The coaches at CFH are great at helping everyone at his/her own level of ability, the members are welcoming and the time at the box flies by every morning. I really miss my workouts at CFH when I’m out of town. I’ve not attended other Crossfit gyms but discussions with other members indicate CFH is one of the best around. Geo and Brian are creating a growing community here; they must be doing something right!

How has CrossFit affected your life outside the gym?

To an even greater extent than other workout programs, Crossfit gives me a boost in energy and a satisfied feeling as I walk out the door each morning that I’ve started my day in a healthy and mood-enhancing manner. I’ve made some new friends in the community and had fun along the way!

Favorite movement?

I’ve enjoyed moving down the color bands for pull-ups and look forward to an unassisted pull-up at some point; I also enjoy using a jump rope and am still working to master double-undersSONY DSC

Least favorite movement? Easy answer – burpees

Any advice for people who are just getting started at CFH? I applaud anyone who has taken up the Crossfit challenge – welcome to the new members and I’ll probably be asking you for advice soon!

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